Sticky Rice Mango

Banana Fritter
Deep-fried banana with vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream – 120

Sticky Rice Mango
Fresh and sweet mango served with coconut sauce and sticky rice – 150

Banana Split
3 mixed ice cream flavors served with banana and, topped with whipped cream – 150

Ice Cream
A scoop of ice cream (ask in Citrus for flavor) topped with cream sauce – 1 scoop 50

Coconut With Ice Cream
Ice cream served in a coconut and topped with whipped cream – 180

Mixed Fruit Plate
Sliced banana, watermelon, mango, and pineapple – 120

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate brownie served with chocolate sauce, ice cream and topped with whipping cream – 150

*Menu items shown are in Thai Baht. No service charge is applied